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The “Girls”

Courtesy Deadwood History, Adams Museum Collection, Deadwood, SD

Sign that hung on brothel door

Courtesy Deadwood History,
Adams Museum Collection, Deadwood, SD

The "Girls" of Deadwood's Brothels

After Deadwood’s gold rush and in the years that followed, the various brothels were only identified by the bright colors their doors were painted: The Purple Door, the Green Door, the Beige Door, and the White Door. In that spirit, our bedroom doors are colorful as well!

Dixie was the last madam of the Green Door Brothel. She reigned from 1944 to 1980 with the Biggest House in the Deadwood Badlands! Dixie was very well respected as a business woman and as a person. This is where Dixie lived with her two dogs, a poodle and a bulldog. No one was allowed in her private quarters unless they were invited, because Dixie kept her money and paperwork there. She made a large well-balanced meal every night for her girls. The men waited in the parlor until the girls had finished their dinner. 

Susie's Room

Susie was a girl who had been with Dixie for ten years. Susie was a bit of a Dr. Jeckell and Mr. Hyde type. The room where Susie lived was done in more conservative tans, rusts, and golds. Susie was, however, an interesting personality. She had a gold star embedded in her front tooth and she wore a diamond earring in her nose all the time. 

Lynn's Room

Lynn’s room is also the room in which Dixie put her new girls because her room was directly behind it. The far wall was cardboard. This way, Dixie could sit in her room and listen to make sure everything was on the up and up. When she thought she could trust the girl, she would move her to a better room.