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A Haunted Brothel?

A ghost in the stairway??

A ghost in the stairway??

Is the Brothel Haunted?

Some time ago, a group investigated paranormal activity in Deadwood. They set up equipment in another former brothel a few doors down from the Deadwood Historic Brothel, to monitor any otherworldly events that occurred. Personal experiences, video cameras, and other equipment revealed a number of “anomalies”: hearing footsteps, the smell of phantom perfume, shadow figures watching from corners, shadow figures rushing by the investigators, and feelings of uneasiness.

In other words, the building near the Deadwood Historic Brothel was investigated and found to be haunted. There can be no doubt that the Deadwood Historic Brothel and other former brothels are also home to spirits of another time. There’s a saying “if the walls had ears…”, well in this case they do!

If you happen to stay with us and hear or see something unexplainable, do let us know!