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Who Was Pam?

The Purple Door

The Purple Door

Pam Holliday

“Pam Holliday” was a pseudonym for Betty J. Campbell, who ran a brothel in Deadwood for years until the FBI and South Dakota agents raided the houses on May 21, 1980, shutting down prostitution for good. Pam’s Purple Door was the last one to close. It was at this upstairs location that Pam and her “girls” worked.

Deadwood’s brothels were housed upstairs in several buildings downtown at 610, 612, 614 and 616 Main Street. Stairs led down to the street level and doors were unmarked, but brightly colored. Customers could easily find Pam’s Purple Door as well as the Green Door, Beige Door, or White Door.

After the raid that shut down the brothels, the “girls” faded into obscurity and madam Pam Holliday continued to make national and local news for months. She was eventually convicted of tax evasion and went to prison.

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